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Eastern Race Parts carry an extensive range of undrilled AN bolts and can supply drilled bolts to order.

AN Bolt Ordering - using the table below

AN bolts are supplied in 1/16″ diameter increments and 1/8″ length increments. AN bolts are available undrilled and drilled for lock wire in combinations of head, shank or head and shank.

The AN# indicates the bolt diameter. AN4 is a 1/4″x 28TPI (UNF) bolt. AN7 is a 7/16″x 20TPI (UNF) bolt.

The -# (dash number) indicates the bolt length. The dash value approximates to the overall shaft length of the bolt, including the threaded section.

An AN#-10 bolt has a shank approximately 1″ long. AN#-14 is approximately 1.5″ long.

To determine the correct dash number for your application first choose the bolt diameter. If the plain shank length is important, look down the GRIP column, or if overall length is important look down the LENGTH column. Lengths are indicated in decimals of an inch for ease or comparison.

Once you find a bolt of the correct diameter, with the correct length, trace across the row to find the dash number for the bolt.

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Example: The car requires an undrilled 3/8″ UNF suspension pivot bolt with a plain shank 1.96″ long. Following down the AN6 GRIP column, find the closest appropriate bolt, 1.94 and 2.06 are the possible choices. 1.94 is too short, and 2.06 is slightly too long. As it is not always possible to get a bolt exactly the right length, washers are available in .031″ and .062″ thicknesses to tune your installation. Choosing the 2.06 grip length bolt, and following back across the row finds it is -25 (2 5/8″ approximate overall length). The bolt to order is AN6-25A.

To specify Lock Wire drilling:
AN6-25A Undrilled
AN6H10 Drilled head and shank
AN6H10A Drilled Head only
AN6-10 Drilled Shank only

AN6 Series Bolts
Eastern Race Parts carry an extensive range of Imperial fasteners for use with AN bolts. We have KayNuts, Nyloc nuts, 1/2 height Nyloc nuts, LH and RH jam nuts – Email to Order.
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